Commercial siding not only protects your business from the elements but also sends a strong message. New siding enhances curb appeal and reflects the success of your business. It will help attract customer attention, build trust, and garner a return on your investment.

As an experienced commercial siding contractor serving Wisconsin and Illinois, we can help your business, organization, or residential rental units achieve an attractive new look that offers protection from the elements for years to come. New siding also offers savings from enhanced energy efficiency while increasing the value of your investment.

We offer quality, budget-friendly siding materials and superior installation service. Customers turn to us for Ply Gem® Mastic® vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories and metal siding panels and trim by MetalTek International. Products by Ply Gem and MetalTek International are a top choice among builders and remodelers for their superior longevity and the ability to hold up to extreme weather. With a wide range of choices available, you can select the best siding for your climate in a wide range of colors and styles that will last a lifetime.

We will go the distance to accommodate all your requirements and needs. We take great pride in delivering personalized service and completing every project on time and on budget. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Siding Materials


Metal siding is one of the most popular siding choices thanks to its durability and longevity. With a protective coating to prevent corrosion, it can last for years with little need for maintenance. Options include steel or budget-friendly aluminum.

We offer two high-quality, durable, and long-lasting options for metal siding panels and trim, Ply Gem and MetalTek International. Both manufacturers design products to last a lifetime, and then some. With diverse manufacturing capabilities, Ply Gem and MetalTek International offer a wide range of choices to best suit your climate and personal taste.

Aluminum siding can withstand wind speeds up to 165 mph and is available in a variety of factory-baked enamel colors, siding styles, and smooth and textured finishes. Although it never needs painting, aluminum siding can be painted if you prefer. Ply Gem’s aluminum siding is 100% recyclable and includes up to 67% recycled materials.

Metal siding is mostly insect proof and rot and fire resistant. It is recyclable and reflects the sun’s rays, leading to lower cooling costs. If you are looking for a long-term siding option, steel siding is able to withstand high temperatures and extreme weather.

Easy to install, metal siding offers a wide range of panels in different colors and styles to achieve the right look for your business or home.

Corrugated siding with exposed or concealed fasteners can give an industrial, modern, or rustic appearance. Vertical options can draw the eye upward and highlight a structure’s key features. Horizontal panels can run in longer lengths to create a sleek and seamless look over the length of a building. Different types of metal siding can be used to achieve a unique style for your structure or can be added as an accent.

Looking for a low-maintenance and affordable option? Vinyl siding never needs to be painted and is available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it a top choice for commercial users.

After an easy installation, little upkeep is required other than a power wash once a year. Because it’s pest-resistant and able to withstand moisture, rain, and snow, it’s a durable choice. Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of choices such as lap, shake and shingle, and vertical.

Here at Armoured, we provide vinyl siding by Ply Gem, America’s #1 vinyl siding. Its lasting color, little required maintenance, and pest resistance is second to none. The extra insulation on Mastic vinyl siding, which is sturdier than traditional vinyl siding, helps keep your structure more energy efficient. An array of choices is available to suit your taste and your home’s climate. Ply Gem’s SolarDefense technology, for example, provides extreme sun protection with advanced light reflecting properties and a heat-resistant base to prevent fading and distortion.

With versatile options resembling other materials, including stone or cedar, vinyl offers the look of your choice. It can be applied to a range of architectural styles with the opportunity to add shutters or doors for a pop of color.

Vinyl siding is a sound investment. The savings reaped from energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs lead to long-term cost reductions.

If you desire the look of wood and are seeking a more long-lasting and durable solution, fiber-cement siding might be the ideal alternative. Unlike wood which requires staining, painting, and sealing, fiber-cement is mostly maintenance free.

Fiber-cement is not only resistant against fire, rot, and pests but also can withstand severe weather, including tornados and hurricanes. While upfront costs may be higher than other siding materials, its longevity makes it a cost-saving investment over time.

The composite of cement, wood fiber, and other materials made with modern manufacturing processes gives it the look and feel of natural wood with unmatched strength. Fiber-cement options are available in lap siding, shingles, or panels and are available in different shapes and sizes. Fiber-cement also comes in panels mimicking stucco or cement without the need for professional masonry or can be installed to resemble board and batten.

One of the most durable options for siding which won’t go out of style is brick. Not only long lasting and low maintenance, the look of brick and its unparalleled strength against the elements has passed the test of time and makes it an eye-catching choice for commercial buildings and residences.

As it requires no painting, it’s easy to maintain and may only require an occasional repair to mortar joints. It’s also fire, insect, and rot proof. Because it holds up well in severe weather, resists moisture, and won’t crack or warp, it is unlikely to require replacement, making it a solid investment over time. With new hues and different mortar finishing techniques, more modern design possibilities are possible in addition to the traditional red brick.

Project a warm and homey look with wood siding. Able to be painted or stained, wood siding allows the choice of a wide range of colors. While it is easy to repair and replace, it requires repainting or staining at least every seven years. An eco-friendly solution, wood is biodegradable and takes less energy to manufacture compared to other siding products.

Trust the experts at Armoured to provide a durable, low-maintenance, attractive, and cost-effective siding solution for your commercial building or home. We respect and listen to your priorities so we can design the best plan to meet your goals in a timely manner. Contact us today for a consultation.